is a collective of world-class producers and composers with a common goal to bring music back to a personal level. In this fast paced global community we all share music, it’s something that speaks directly to each and every one of us. We will work directly with you to make sure you get every cent out of your hard earned cash, and believe us we know it’s not easy. When you contact us you will be contacted back by a real person in a very timely fashion. The team has over 25 years shared experience in the music industry with the drive and vision for many more.

Working directly with the client takes out a lot of guesswork on our end and just makes everything operate a whole lot smoother in the long run. We also offer the ability to lease a beat through our site, which allows some freshness to your set without a full monetary commitment. If you need that hot track though and go with the exclusive we guarantee that it’s yours and it won’t accidentally end up on your bro’s iPod. Along with this guarantee the purchase of an exclusive track earns you a spot on the wall of fame in the Featured Artist section of the site.  Including links to all the things you can link to yourself as well because the overall goal is a widespread music connection.

Tell a friend, tell another friend, call someone in the UK and tell him or her, because ultimately we appreciate all of you! Let’s grow a dream together and create sweet sweet music! We shall all rock the box together!